Priority for accommodation will given based on a first come first serve basis and the distance of travel.Only limited seats are available.College ID cards are mandatory for accommodation.

Amount Rs 100/- with Dinner.
Sreepriya CR : 8289846828
Minhaj : 9895347246
Abhijith : 9895168535

About Invento

Invento is a national level technical fest at Government Engineering College, Palakkad held annually.

"Creativity is not the finding of a thing ,but the making something out of it after it is found"
-James Russell Lowell
Awaiting for you is an exemplary platform to redefine your creativity, renovate your intellects and replenish your brains to scale new peaks of technology.
Invento is all set to rouse the tech enthusiasts to think beyond infinity and to stride beyond frontiers.
An umpteen number of events are in store for Invento.
Come, embrace and experience the zenith of technology.

Contact :+919447968952 (Co-ordinator)

Encourage students to think beyond what they see...